Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting Settled

First off, I apologize for it taking so long to post. My life has been going around in a whirlwind ever since I stepped off the plane and has not quite stopped yet. I came home to mountains of paperwork, eager friends and a very wide open 1yr old!! Noah is doing great. You would think he had lived here his entire life. God has been so good to us and I praise Him for it!! My Noah is the best child anyone could ever ask for. He has slept like an angel from day one. It's like the time change and lack of sleep on the plane didn't affect him at all. I couldn't have asked for him to adjust any better. He only cries or whines if he is sleepy and other than that he is usually smiling. He jumped right in with his new friends and plays like he has known them for a while. He will smile and be attentive to almost anyone who talks to him. He has bonded with me so quickly. He knows who his mama is! He will practically eat anything you give him. I will have to say, he is learning that he likes to play games now at meal time. His new game is how long can he hold his food in his mouth before swallowing! It's driving me nuts!! I need a trick to make him swallow it. I guess that about sums it up. I can't imagine life without him now. I was thinking tonight that it seems now like I had just sent in my application. Like there was barely any wait. I guess it probably helped that there were next to no bumps in the road for me. Sometimes I still can't believe he is here....then I hear a little voice and know he is :)

Thank you all so much for all the prayers and gifts and support. I can't tell you what they have meant to me!! Here are a couple picture of Noah since we have been home.


Pollock Family said...

Hi Amy and Noah,
We are so happy for you.
He looks so happy and well and i am so happy that you finaly posted new photos... By the way our Nadia (15 months) is playing the same food game like Noah.. it drives me crazy too.. LOL and we too play games to get her to swallow, but FYI when she is very hungy she eats like and swallows like a champion.
Are you going to Florid in Feb?

Kelly said...

I knew you would finally post, I kept checking. He is adorable!! The holding food in the mouth thing is pretty normal, i think. That's great about him eating everything. My Nick has always been a great eater. He eats so many healthy things that my other kids would have never tried at his age. They all eat a lot healthier because of him. Congratulations and Welcome Home!!

jeanette wunderly said...

So glad you posted!! Noah is so darn cute! I'm happy to hear that the adjustment has gone smoothly. It gives us hope that when our day comes, everything will work out beautifully! :)

findingourdaughter said...

So glad to read an update and hear that all is going really well. Noah is adorable! Enjoy these baby days....they grow up so fast!
God Bless!

Pollock Family said...

Hi Amy, how are you doing, how is Noah,???? We are doing good, Nadia is very happy heathy baby..